Saturday, 22 March 2014

While we were laying rails at Broadway - OK, they were only 2ft long - a delegation went down to CRC2 to get some blues in. We are expecting the GC lads and as they lay reds, we need to get some blues down first. All about logistics, see.

The 8F runs round.
 Saturdays are now running days, so there is the welcome sight and sound of some heavy freight rumbling around. They do get in the way of our wheelbarrows though, you have to plan, while looking at the timetable.

Keith on his hands and knees

There were five volunteers on site today. Tony B, John S and Bob bricklaying with support from John O and Keith S.

Much was achieved today resulting in two courses of reds on the 60 M section, one on the 70M section and two on the 80M section plus an infill course. There were also two courses of blues on the 80 M section. 

The big challenge of the day was to get the 90M section underway. When this section was set out last Monday it was found that the original brickwork was 50mm (2") too high for the new construction. So after lunch the team set to it. Keith removed the top row of bricks with a hammer and bolster and much muttering, while John S split bricks so they could be laid to give the correct level for starting this section (he is now chief brick splitter).  Whilst this was going on John O kept the mortar coming.  At the end of the day we achieved our goal which, will enable this section of the platform to start in earnest on Monday next.  However, on checking the 100M section we will need to carry out a similar exercise.  This indeed gives us something to look forward to!

All in all a good days work with some 650 bricks laid ( If we include Monday's brick total, over 3% of the platform wall was built this week).

The brick remover, and the brick splitter.
 Sunday is a day of rest, so back on Monday with the next full day's work.

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